anatol: a male first name of Greek origin, meaning “the one that comes from the orient”

[anatol] emphasizes the mergence of diverse cultures and attitudes by focusing on aesthetics. ​​Intuitively and emotionally [anatol] explores the brightest and darkest places of your imagination. A sense of the moment, a notion of lust – this is what [anatol] offers you. [anatol]’s vision is to create wearable artworks by interdisciplinarily collaborating with contemporary artists. Conveying emotions by bringing more than a soul into clothing, [anatol] covers your body and reveals your secret desires at the same time. This ambiguity is our credo at [anatol].

As concept-led designers we consider ourselves as problem solvers. Absorbing various cultures and mindsets and driven by socio-cultural matters, we aim to stand up for a future in unity with our work at [anatol]. The collections stand for themselves by bringing more than a soul into the garments. [anatol]s mind is not conventional, it is intimate and personal, a curated niche product. Expressing our brand’s artistic identity by accentuated contrasts with a confronting design aesthetic and no gender specification, [anatol] claims it’s own niche between high fashion and streetwear.

Our design studio in located in Germany. [anatol] produces in Italy with the highest standards in manufacturing and fabrics to create a durable quality product. Our production facilities are following the European legislation in ethical and social norms. We believe that it is crucial to show our environment the level of care and respect that it deserves. Having close relations to our production facilities we support each other in the continuing process of protecting the environment by preventing pollution and making perpetual improvements to environmental relevant processes. With short routes of transport within Italy and Europe we are constantly aiming to reduce our carbon footprint.

We build bridges. We encourage to question. We represent a distinct mindset.

As a continuous collaboration project with contemporary artists in different EDITIONS, anatol embodies a contemporary approach to the aesthetics of the individual. anatol wants to find the lost, touch the unaffected, soothe the furious and bring out the current heartstrings of the individual. We distinguish what you have in mind, brutally and not sugarcoated.

Can you stand the truth?